Denver Art Museum

Jessica sees David here for the first time. Knowing how much Jessica loves art, David brings her back here on their second date.

Taggia, Italy What a beautiful place to call your second home.

​Snow Canyon, Utah  ​Can you name one person who wasn't kidnapped from this park?

Washington Park in Denver, CO   It was so nice of Daniel to set up the picnic for Jessica and David's lunch. What a special date!

*A picture of Michael's would have been in the scrapbook, but unfortunately, it doesn't exist--at least not the restaurant portrayed in the book.

Somewhere in Alaska  Is there a camouflaged biosphere in there somewhere?

Two Figures by the Sea  by Winslow Homer                                            This is Jessica's favorite painting in the DAM.

Jessica Salvano loves to travel and play.

Visit a few of her favorite places mentioned in the book!

Snow Canyon, Utah

Can you name one person who wasn't kidnapped from this site?

D.A.M. The sofa seems to be missing in this photo, but this is the gallery where David and Jessica first laid eyes on each other. It's a shame Jessica didn't get to remember it!