From scraped knees to broken hearts, there has never been much of anything that Jessica Salvano's father couldn't fix.  So, on the tail of a particularly devastating breakup, she takes a trip to her dad's home in Taggia, Italy, for the unique type of healing only he can provide.

But when she returns to Denver and her ordinary routine, Jessica is left feeling anything but normal.  When she meets a man named David Lyons, she can't help but feel like she's already encountered him several times before--like there is a missing connection--a short circuit in her memory--where something used to be.

Only when she gets to know David does Jessica begin to understand a startling truth--one she wasn't allowed to remember, but now she vows never to forget.  A unique combination of DNA containing special traits and abilities, runs through her veins... a secret kept hidden by her parents her entire life.

In discovering these newfound gifts, however, Jessica opens herself up to an unexplored world filled with hidden dangers--as well as curious, endlessly determined parties that hope to harness the powerful nature of her blended DNA.

Token is the first novel in a series. The fast-paced story of romance and adventure transports the reader from the Rocky Mountain Region of Denver, to the Italian Riviera, to the Desert Southwest, and to a hidden biosphere in Alaska. It is a story of trust, personal strength, and discovery.

Token is appropriate for early teens and up and is currently available on and

Viral (book 2) is nearing its completion, and Hybrid (book 3) is in editing!

Denver, Colorado

​​TOKEN   of The Casdan Chronicles 

 By Johnna Kaye

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​"First, this book is beautifully written and flows like the most magnificent river ever seen. Secondly, it is a different spin on a paranormal romance that is absolutely amazing. Token has the perfect blend of suspense and romance with a splash of action that just makes it almost impossible to put down. I just finished Token and the teaser for the second installment, and now I am dying to know when Viral, the second story of The Casdan Chronicles will be released. Johnna Kaye you have written a gorgeous tale that I love, good job!!!!!!!!! "                                                                                                         Bobbie Tallent, Manager of Dairy Boy, Tuttle, Ok

​"I loved this book. Wanted to read the first chapter just to get a feel of the book to finish after Christmas. Eleven hours later, I have finished the book. Couldn't put it down. Cannot wait for the next in the series. Again, loved it!"         Christie Akridge

"Very well written with believable characters that pull you in to the point you can't put it down. This is the first book I have read in a long time that I have recommended for my teenage children to also read. Excellent job Johnna Kaye, I am looking forward to Viral!"

​                                                                                                                                                                              Brad Kincaid, Retired Pilot